In nature we trust

Nature has been developing for thousands of years. Hence, we can nowadays enjoy the delights of juicy and delicious fruit. Such, completely natural, aromatic and tasty fruits are used to make our rakija (fruit brandy).

The task that we have set ourselves is to use all of the potential given to the fruit by the lengthy process of natural evolution, while avoiding the use of commercial oenological additives.

All fruit possess natural enzymes and yeasts, which people destroy by the means of industrialized production or excessive use of pesticides. We believe that they should be preserved by not adding any artificial products. We collect ripened fruit and we do not use any machinery during production, nor do we use oenological products. Our production is in the range of 400 to 600 litres per fruit type, each bottle is numbered and series are limited.

Fruits from various regions possess different substances, which give each fruit a unique character during fermentation. By adding oenological products this unique character, which we strive to preserve, would be lost. Each year comes with a particular climate that colours the fruit with a specific personality, and therefore our rakija as well. This is yet another reason not to change the naturally gifted attributes of fruit by the addition of oenological products.

The way of using industrial machines during fermentationrequires adding oenological products, such as enzymes, yeasts and additives. The reason lies in the human urge to set himself above everything, even nature. By using oenological products, man characterizes the fruit as “imperfect” and “fixes” it by the addition of different kinds of artificial products.

We believe in the fruit’s own cycle, developed over the millennia. In order to use all of its potentials we have gotten to known all of its characteristics and we do everything we can not to destroy its natural substances, essential to our production.

Using well-cultivated, selected fruits, and retention of all of the substances required for fermentation, results in a fruit rakija of unique character.

Our rakija does not require extracts and aromas for it to be natural-tasting.